An Entry marked for Deletion will be permanently deleted from the system after 30 days. Only the system administrator can undelete an Entry. The administrator may chose to do this to any item, at which time the Owner of the item will usually be changed to administrator. An Owner choosing to delete any item by default allows this change of ownership.

Entries can be deleted by the Owner using the following method:

Deleting an Entry


The following criteria must be met when Deleting an Entry.

When the Entry is permanently deleted, all dependent items relating to the Entry, such as Links or Comments and their dependent items, will also be deleted. e.g. If a Solution Link refers to the Entry, the Solution Link and any dependents of that Link (comments, issues etc.) will also be deleted. The Solution Entry (the other Entry not being directly deleted) for the Solution Link will not be deleted, as it is not dependent on the Solution Link.

This behaviour is intentional, to avoid orphaning items relating to Entries that no longer exist. Whenever another User adds an item (e.g. a Review) or links to any Entry owned by another User, they must accept that the Entry owner has the right and ability to have these items deleted if the Entry Owner decides to delete the original Entry on which they are dependent.

Note: This is different from the deletion criteria for Categories and Locations as it relates to Child Locations. Dependent Child Locations are protected.