Entries can be classifed as a Flyer, which means it may be used for Advertising or Promotional purposes. This differs from a normal Entry in that the restrictions of the User Content Advertising Policy shown in the Acceptible Use Policy do not apply to this classification of Entry.

Flyer Entry Features

Flyer Entries have the following additional characteristics and restrictions from standard Entries:

  • Any Entry, Solution Entry or Relation Entry based on an Entry with this classification can be easily differentiated from standard Entries by the Orange background used in their Type Icons.
  • A User can opt not to view Flyer Entries on their browser by disabling them using the Options > Flyers radio buttons (One for Entries, one for Solutions).
  • Any Location can be configured to never show Flyer Entries. This is configured by the Location owner or Suggea Administrator.
  • There may be limits set on the maximum amount of Flyer links a Location or Entry can have. Current limits are as follows (-1 = unlimited):
  • There may be limits set on the maximum amount of Flyer links an individual User can add. User limits are total limits across all Locations and Entries, not per Location or Entry. Current user limits are as follows (-1 = unlimited):
  • Any Entry Flyer links may be given a limited lifespan, after which they may be disabled (Expired status). Current user lifespans are as follows (-1 = will not expire):
  • Any expired Entry Flyer link lifespan can be renewed, currently only after any current lifespan has expired.
  • The following Entry types can ONLY be used for Flyer Entries (Entries and Solutions), although Flyer Entries and Solutions can be any other Entry type.
  • Criteria

    The following criteria must be met before an Entry can be set as a Flyer Entry, either at or after creation.