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4/16/2018 4:11:45 PM
How We Use Facebook Data

We take User data privacy very seriously at Suggea, and minimise our use of User private information to ensure this. We transitioned our Authentication login methods last year to use only Social Network logins. This was done primarily for the following reasons:

  • Simplify authentication support
  • Provide easier registration and login for users
  • Provide safe and consistent authentication methods

Currently we use only Facebook for this social network authentication, although we do plan to expand this in the future to utilize additional providers.

When we use Facebook for authentication, the User links their Facebook account to an automatically created  Suggea account. We only store the following information. This information is NEVER shared by Suggea with anyone other than the User.

  • Social Network ID (Specific to provider, in this case provided by Facebook. This is a public ID)
  • Email address 

The User can select to use either their Facebook identity, or their Suggea identity in all displays (see prior Blog entry). Their Suggea identity display name can be changed by the User after account creation (by default it may reflect their Social Network/Facebook display name). If they select to use their Facebook identities, we do access the following additional information to display user information. We DO NOT store this information.

  • Social network user display name
  • Social network user image

When we link these accounts, we use the Social Network ID for the user as the linking key. Internally we use another unique Suggea specific identifier to track items and content relating to the User. We do not use the User email for purposes other than login or sending Notifications. A User's email is NEVER shared.

We do not gather, use or store any other additional information provided by the Social Network provider (Facebook).