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1/21/2014 10:11:01 PM
Welcome To Suggea

 Welcome and thank you for visiting our site.

The purpose of Suggea is to provide a place for people to easily create and share their thoughts, suggestions, ideas and more.

 The basics are:

  • Category Locations provide a structured infrastructure for storing User content.
  • Users provide content as Entries stored in Category Locations.
  • Entries can be of many different types, such as Suggestions, Discussions or Questions.
  • Entries can also be Solutions to other Entries (and comments can be easily promoted to either!).
  • Easy editing and updating, to allow your content to be dynamic and evolve.


Users can define Category Locations as well as Entries, allowing the site to grow as Users define new topics and subjects for content.

Entries and Category Locations are always identified by a unique ID, which allows them to always be easily found and referenced, even if they move within the Locations hierarchy. For example,  a Category Location may move to a better location as the site grows, but it will still have the same ID and be found in the same way, and links or references to that Location will still work.

 For more details on how Suggea works and how to use the site,  see our current Help section.

 The current Category Locations are just an initial set (which we will continue to expand and refine) to get the infrastructure in place, and do not represent any specific criteria for selection. Users can add Category Locations as required to further expand and create the structure of the site. Please do.

 As with any User content based site,  our available content is dependent on Users to create and develop input.

 We  want to find out what works and doesn't work, and what people like and  don't like with the site.

 The current overall format and methodology of the site will stay, so don't worry about loosing any content you may submit. We will endevour to make sure that no user effort is wasted or lost by any changes or improvements we may make in the future.

 We welcome your feedback, and hope you like what we have so far.