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3/22/2015 8:39:44 PM
Thanks For The Feedback

It's been over a month now since we started the site, and it has been an interesting few weeks. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to visit us, and to those who provided feedback and encouragement.

 The site has seen an erratic trickle of visitors in the last month smiley . Overall, we have been pleased with the response of users and have gained valuable insight into how people view and use the site. The following are some examples of the changes we have made based on this initial phase.

Tab Cookies
We received feedback from users that it was frustrating when browsing the site that whenever you returned to a Location, the Tab setting on the Entries display always defaulted back to Latest Entries. For example, if you had selected Popular Entries and had selected to View an Entry from that tab, when you returned to the Location you went back to Latest Entries.
 We have now added cookie capabilities for these tabs, to allow persistence of this selection. This works for the Latest-Popular-Active tabs, and also for selection of Entries or Solutions.

Show Summaries
 The original Entries and Solutions front display always showed the Summary by default. This limited how many Entries or Solutions could be displayed in a single screen or view without scrolling. We added the option to switch the display of Summaries on or off (hide or show).
 This is done via a Summaries selector on the right hand side of the Latest-Popular-Active tabs, one for Entries and one for Solutions. 
 The default for this is on, which shows the Summaries. This selection is controlled by cookies, which means any selection is persistent.

Inclusive Entries and Solutions
The Home location always showed all Entries or Solutions for the site, with the specific Location or Locations for the Entry or Solution shown at the bottom of each Entry. When you browsed to a Location other than Home, the display only showed Entries or Solutions which were directly linked to that Location. It did not show Entries of Child Locations or Child Links.
 We added an Inclusive option for Entries and Solutions. When this is selected the Entries or Solutions shown for any Location will contain both its direct Entries, and Entries belonging to all Child Locations for that Location. This is recursive, in that the display will also show Child Entries for Child Locations of the Location's Child Locations etc. Entries for Child Locations will show the Location at the bottom of the Entry, similar to how the Home display shows which Locations an Entry belongs to.
 This is done via an Inclusive selector on the right hand side of the  Latest-Popular-Active tabs, one for Entries and one for Solutions.
 The default for this is on, which show Inclusive Entries. This selection is also controlled by cookies, which means any selection is persistent.

 We made some other smaller changes to the displays and views, but these were some of the main functional changes we made. We will continue to improve and add functionality to the site, as it grows and as we receive more feedback and insight into how it is working.
 Thanks again to everyone who has used the site, and we hope you like the changes....