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9/9/2017 11:25:15 PM
Watch Entries and Solutions

We have added a new Watch capability to Entries and Solutions, along with two new selectable filter Lists from the main browser display, Watching and Your.

To make it easier for Users to track and monitor Entries and Solutions they may be more interested in, we have added the following capabilities. Both of these new features are only relevant to and available when a User is logged in to Suggea. 

A logged in Suggea User can now select to Watch any Entry or Solution. This is done using the Watch icon (eye) shown in browser lists and Views for all Entries or Solutions. Any Entry or Solution the User has selected can be easily viewed by selecting the new Watching tab in the brower lists section. This tab will show only the Watched Entries or Solutions selected by the user, using the same filtering, exclude and inclusive setting as all other lists.

e.g. If Inclusive is selected, all watched Entries of the current Locations Child Locations will also be displayed, with the Location information shown to indicate which Child Location it comes from. Any Excluded Entries will not show, unless the current Location is the Location of the excluded Entry.

The User can view all of their current Watched items using the Watching tab in the User Manage section.
If you no longer wish to Watch an Entry or Solution, simply select the Delete (cross) icon next to the Watch icon. If you select to Watch an Entry or Solution you are already watching, the Watch icon caption will notify you with the date you started to watch.

The Watch count for any Entry or Solution is shown next to the Watch icon.

Selecting this tab will show only the Entries or Solutions owned by the current User, using the same filtering, exclude and inclusive setting as all other lists.

That's it for now, hope you like these additions.