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3/5/2018 3:27:00 PM
Select Display Identities

We have added the capability to select the Display Identity shown for a registered Suggea User. 

If a Suggea user has configured their account to use another Logon provider, they can now chose to use that providers user identity in Suggea displays. This allows them to select wether other Users see their inputs and content as just their Suggea identities, or also as their identities used on other login provider services. Note: These may or may not represent "real" identities, depending how the other provider works. Currently this capability is only available for Facebook accounts linked to a Suggea user account. We may configure additional providers in the future. 

This setting is configured from the Manage > Identity tab. 

If the Display Identity is set to Facebook, the users Facebook identity (Name and Picture only) will be displayed in all Suggea displays showing user information. Hovering over the displayed user name will show the Suggea user name for that user. Note: Suggea does not use or access any external provider user information which is not publicly available. When making this selection, the only information being used is the configured link between the Facebook and the Suggea user accounts. That these two accounts are linked is the only additional information exposed by setting this option.

Facebook LogoThis setting can be changed back at any time.

We believe this capability will provide a way for Suggea to operate in either a "Real Name" or screen name mode, as preferred and selected by individual users.